Seeking Infinity

by Pantheist

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One of the standard bearers of funeral doom death return after 7 years of silence with their most crushing and aggressive release! (10/10):
“Here we got inspired talented music.This is like a painting but with musical instruments.This album is nearly a masterpiece for me.”

La Muerte Tenia Un Blog:
"Seeking Infinity is perhaps the best doom release I have heard in a lot of time... I have been into this genre for 20 years now and listened tons of music and PANTHEIST... oh God, PANTHEIST is always there." (4.25/5):
"It doesn’t feel like a gothic doom record but it features some of the thickly layered sound of one; Nor does it feel like a pure funeral doom record yet ‘Seeking Infinity’ carries an ambiguous surrealistic sound characteristic of most celebrated leaders in funeral doom today." (9/10):
"This is a magnum opus and well worth the wait, Pantheist have created an album that needs to be experienced, listened to and consumed in every imaginable way. Enlightenment is just a click away."

Prog Magazine UK:
"Languorous epics like 'Control and Fire' are underpinned by the unmistakable, shattered-knee crawl of those doom riffs, but continual detours into more refined, elegiac realms make this an endlessly fascinating and heart-rending journey toward oblivion's embrace".
“It’s great to hear these guys return to the original sound...I for one, am glad one of the best bands in the genre in the early 00s come back so triumphantly”.
"Pantheist is a stunning Avant Doom metal force that know how to make music to challenge and move the listener." (9/10):
"Crushingly heavy, it will take your breath away and it’s one of those albums that will just get under your skin." (84/100):
"Ma il nero dei Pantheist di questo Seeking Infinity non è mai un buio pesto sul cui trono sieda un’incontrastata disperazione, anzi, a conti fatti un ruolo di pari portata lo ricopre anche un senso di malinconia diffusa, da cui sgorgano diversi momenti di autentica estasi poetico/melodica, quasi che la contemplazione possa almeno per un attimo allontanarci dalle incalzanti miserie terrene." (8.8/10):
"Un grande ritorno, la lunga attesa non è stata vana" (11/15):
"Seeking Infinity"verkörpert alles in allem die Essenz von Funeral Doom ohne Genrepuristen mit viel Experimente zu vergraulen" (90/100):
"Pantheist weet binnen de lijntjes te kleuren, maar doet dat wel met uitdagende kleuren en een penseelgebruik als dat van Rembrandt. We hebben nog niet veel extreme doom gehad die ons kon bekoren dit jaar, maar Seeking Infinity is een schot in de roos." (83/100):
"Seeking Infinity is een diepgewortelde doomboom met verschillende doomstronken, die reiken van aardse Lost Paradise tot astrale Tiamat, met een overtreffende traagheid die de tijd herdefinieert tot een zintuiglijke ervaring. Eén die je de zinloosheid van je dagelijkse leven even doet vergeten, door je actief in contact te brengen met het tempo, de muziek en teksten die gaan over hen die zich dezelfde vragen stelden en ervaringen opzochten." (4.5/5):
"Pantheist nie przypomina mi nic co znałabym wcześniej. Zespół wykonuje funeral doom, ale czerpie z black metalu, rocka gotyckiego czy klasyki. Koncepcyjny album o duchowości, poszukiwaniu i strachu tworzy spójną całość. Ta muzyczna podróż zapiera dech w piersiach, a towarzysząca jej aura mistycyzmu nie zniknie tak od razu wraz z ostatnim utworem…" (9/10:
"Mélyen szántó anyag lévén sokszori nekifutást kér a Seeking Infinity a műfaj rajongóitól, a funeral doomot elkerülőknek viszont most sem jött el a "beugró" lemez ideje, mert nem ezzel a kiadvánnyal fognak közelebb kerülni ehhez a vonalhoz."


released September 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Kostas Panagiotou Llantwit Major, UK

Fragments of the Grand Mosaic of Music

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Track Name: Control And Fire
I can’t deny how much you’ve changed me
history is but a shadow revealed by your shine
minds transformed by your burning flame
beacon of hope, illuminating our path:
and so, our great journey began...

We fought the dark, our journey bore your mark
should we accept your gift or will your flame engulf us all?

Now we have the tools to build our own future
everything is changing, and yet it seems the same
civilization is a spiral of eternal revolution
Track Name: 500 BC to 30 AD- The Enlightened Ones
You can run, but you can’t hide from the quiet flow of time
the dark tentacles of fate push you towards your destiny
and when you think you are free to live your life as you please
you’ll find you’re nothing but a pawn of history

There is a fire, a desire in my head
eat my battered body, drink my wasted blood
and tell me endless tales of who I am:
the man who feels inside him that change has come

There is a flame that burns inside me
it guides me in the dark and it gives me strength
its glow reminds me of who I am:
the man who sees around him the seeds of a new world

And so you will find me roaming the markets
and selling my message in lonely despair
those who shout loudest, should only be heard last
away from their noise, my word will be heard

Like honey let my teachings come to thee
don’t let me be misunderstood again
open your hearts, and then you will agree
that I’m the man to change history

Together we shall walk, hush don’t be afraid
and we’ll exchange vows for the good of mankind
in mind and spirit, I’ll be your inspiration
comfort and joy in my name you will find

Scientia Vincere Tenebras
Track Name: 1453: An Empire Crumbles
Tearful will be that day of doom
when our empire shall collapse

One last moment I have left
to reflect upon my fate
one last second I have left
before my whole life fades away
What can you say, what can you do
When your dreams die in front of you?
The sands of time, have crushed me under their weight
One last moment I have left
so I sit back and watch the end

You’ll be there in my valley of memories
what was once deemed great, is now a relic of the past
stupefied, I wander in the modern world
where everything that mattered is now shattered like glass
As time goes on, empires collapse
and when dust settles, only their ruins remain
Track Name: Emergence
What pains have we endured, and what an agony
until united our minds
stood and faced the world, while painfully it dawned:
we’re quickly running out of time

So much inhuman effort, so much sacrifice
the breeze of change has swept away
and all the aspirations we carried from the past
betrayed by the wheel of time

How can I find back what I’ve lost?
How can my old innocence be restored?
How can I erase the mistakes I made?
How can I take back bitter words I said?

So many times I’ve been deceived by my false hopes
‘till life stripped them away from me
I sought and found you again, my precious lifeline
but time has changed how we feel
Track Name: Seeking Infinity, Reaching Eternity
Sometimes I’m afraid that when I close my eyes
the whole world will disappear
Sometimes I’m scared, you know when I look at the stars
That I’m lost -and God! for real

Infinity, eternity
they leave me and fly far away,
only one thought tortures me:
I am lost in an immense, indifferent and strange world
and when I’m there, in my own hell
my heart cries loud for you

I hear the sound of horns, I see a beast appearing from the sea
it has ten horns and seven heads
looks like a lion, like a leopard it crawls
I stretch out my shaking hand
and touch the body of the dancing Shiva
I want to scream, but I can’t
instead I cry, shake and shiver

Sometimes I really hope that the night never comes
the darkness scares me, you know
Sometimes when I feel that I finally reached the top
my castle of cards falls when the wind blows

I want you, I need you
I can’t exist without you
Don’t leave me when I’m lost again
hold my hand and join me to the end of the world

I hear the peal, it’s the Big Crunch
in front of me there are two worlds
the one expands, but shuts again
the other one already I’ve lost

Each of its particles pursues its own way
I’m standing here and watch all this
I’m all alone, what can I say?

I lost you and I miss you
there is no life without you
Don’t leave me when I’m lost again
in this crazy race to the end of the world

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