by Ereipia

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Recorded at Cardiff University and mixed at SOA Studio, Bristol (2007)


released September 1, 2007

Kostas- piano, keyboards
Chipper- cello
Semmens Junior- acoustic guitar
Cover art by Cheryl Panagiotou



all rights reserved


Kostas Panagiotou Slough, UK

Fragments of the Grand Mosaic of Music

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Track Name: Whirlpool
There are those moments that make you feel like Moses
He knew he was the chosen one to lead his flock to pasture.

There are those moments that make you feel like a shepherd,
“Gopala then you are”
The beauty goddess plays with you the game of seduction.

Lift up your eyes and follow senses that make you feel,
You are one with them, together with them,
You search for your destiny, far away from here
The place where your soul was born.......

My love, tonight you are staring at the ocean,
Your blue eyes invite me to dance with death,
Somewhere your body will be found on a deathly bed
Seaweed like jewels around your neck.

But there are moments that make you feel like Jesus on the cross,
“Father why have you forsaken me”? You cry
When you realise that your paradise is lost

Forgive me my father I’ve sinned again
I broke the sacred law, I’m damned forever now
I’ve nowhere to go!

“My true love lies buried under the sea,
And even my lord has turned his back on me.”

There are those moments that make you feel
You mean nothing to the world,
Have courage! Embrace your own existence...
Track Name: Silent Acceptance
Contemplating memories of youth I gave a sigh
I felt quite deceived by the hope life had promised me
Having felt the sting of loneliness so many years,
I must confess that that I had stopped
searching for happiness
If suffering’s the only future left why should I care?
Why should I commit to this cruel life instead of death’s caress?

But all the lonely people made me understand,
I’d rather life this fearful life of a mortal man,
Instead of feeling dread of what life may bring,
I’d rather embrace the souls that feel just like me.

Being crippled for so many years I feel again,
Absence was my only shield against the pain
I came very close to ending my lonely life
When beauty, hope and faith ran like water from my hands,
But a warrior never quits his fight; I must go on,
Accepting that my life’s destiny could bring me mortal pain.

But all the lonely people made me understand,
I’d rather life this fearful life of a mortal man,
Instead of feeling dread of what life may bring,
I’d rather embrace the souls that feel just like me.
Track Name: Descent-Dance
On my way toward my heart
It seems I left the beaten track
The suffering and misery I encountered
Didn’t help to turn my head away
Didn’t help to ignore my sorrow.

On my way toward my soul
The night is very dark and cold
The desolation and fear, I encountered,
It helped me face this inner pain
“At least,” I thought, “my life is not in vain.”

Having left the night, I found the light,
But I have not found, my old lost bliss.

I was searching for my precious soul
Instead I found a frightened ghost.

Wisdom and strength I never found,
And as I started to fear,
That this painful journey would be all in vain,
I heard the voice of an old man say,
“You cannot find what you have not lost.”

I couldn’t make sense of his words,
I didn’t know who I was,
Without my soul I felt naked and lost in darkness,
I asked the old man to guide me through the dark,
He smiled, but then he turned his back on me.

Like every man, I 'm left alone,
To search in the shadow for my true self,
Despite my plea for salvation only the echo
Of my voice responds……..
Track Name: Letter to a Ghost
Dear Ghost,

I’m writing to let you know how you make me feel.
The shadow of your presence still lingers over me.

Life without you is not much different than before,
Though admittedly I have to force myself to revive memories of old.

Sometimes I wake up horrified at night, feeling your piercing eyes upon me.
I know you are gone, but feel that you are still lying beside me.

I’m dying without you now, as I was dying with you before
Your constant presence means nothing at all.
I still wither now, as I withered with you before
Please don’t haunt me like this any more.

Invariably the dull grey days determine my daily routine
No laughter and no tears, I look at the world through a shell.
I had promised to live my life in full, even after you’d gone
But every day is the same, always the same.

I’m waiting for something to happen but I’m not quite sure what I expect.
My life is so uneventful, I fear that I’ve already become like you…