by Ereipia

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Priory Recording Studios (2009)


released September 1, 2009

Andy- vocals
Kostas- piano, keyboards
Greg- acoustic guitar
cover art by Cheryl Panagiotou



all rights reserved


Kostas Panagiotou Slough, UK

Fragments of the Grand Mosaic of Music

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Track Name: Praeludium Praecox
In time, all life will return to dust,
I hope its all true,
That the lies I told will fade away.
My life was different then, how times have changed
Now dim my eyes.

Shadows at dusk fill my mind,
Fragments of early memories return at last,
Vain hope is glimpsed through a veil of tears,
Oh my life, my life is lost…

In time I know, my life will fade away,
Sometimes it feels, it’s all a dream,
And the truth I spoke will turn to dust……
Track Name: Mercy
If e’er I forget thee,
Or upon thee pain I bring,
Cast thee amongst the throng,
Or forget thy suffering

If e’er I forget thee,
Show me thy mercy,

When all my way is dark,
When strength my spirit lacks,
When my weak mind doth fail,
And I am suffering,

When all my way is dark,
Show me thy mercy,
Track Name: Atlantis Inside
Oh my God, I had this dream…I haven’t recovered yet
And my restless mind still far beyond here dwells
To this continent for centuries lost
From our memories, but not from our hearts
That in my lucid dreams I encountered at last

I saw the elusive continent in all its mighty glory
While a voice from above with misjudged confidence said:
“Behold these people, gifted with knowledge and power who think they found and understood the meaning of their world
But they don’t seem to know that there’s another world below
-More powerful than theirs, and equally advanced-
This controls their lives…

A dream of the lost continent, my testament for next generations

But the voice didn’t see what my mind’s eye saw: that even this underworld, so proud in its might
In itself was controlled by another world below

Whose grandeur and power was of another kind

A dream…

Human ears can’t hear tales from so deep below
Misguided certainty feeds poison to our minds, as we follow the faint light which illuminates our path but takes us far from our goals
So let the lost continent be our only guide to the truth we hide inside
Track Name: B.A.C.H.
Bitter About Curtailed Hope

Aloud Along Aloud ALOUD

Cry Cry Come COME

Help Hope Hope HELP
Track Name: Cynthia: a Romance
My love! Remember when, our summers long ago, were soaked with the Scent of Sweet romance,
The lush Ereipian hills, cast their beauty,
Down upon the ancient land,
The warm Aegean breeze gifted us, with a sense of everlasting hope.
All time appeared to cease, and pause eternally,
To celebrate the love we had found, but…..

……A waning sun shone in our eyes,
The sands of time slipped through our hands,
I hoped the beauty that we’d found,
Would linger there for all time

I felt your life slip from my hands,
Your final breath whispered my name
And the love that we found,
Ended there for all time,

All is Lost!
The final hours
Of my life
Now mournfully slip away.

Oh my God!
What act of betrayal?
Hath thou
Wrought upon me?

I see my death!
Cloaked in a veil
Of emptiness, darkness,
And loss.

The light is gone,
My world is dark,
The love I found
Is lost among
Eternal night!
The love I found
Is lost among
Eternal night!
Eternal night!

Now my love
I come to thee
Embrace my corpse
How cold I feel
Oh Cynthia
My love!
Track Name: Impressions on a Sunny Winter's Day
Will the Earth ever stop turning around its axis?
Shall I ever see birds flying backwards into the sea?

It’s funny, my love, how impossibility haunts human minds

I have been told: “Believe and it will happen”
But my mind disobeys.
I have been told: Your universe is cold and senseless”
But my heart disobeys.

Let us then, far away from the crowds, celebrate our love
Our little secret, the triumph of impossibility
Track Name: The Waltz of Sensibility
These are the days of our lives,
All of the days of our lives.
When love is all, all there is…

I will always remember
When I first took your hand,
And how we danced
Until we cried,
My love!

In twilight years,
The final waltz
Beckons us now.

So take my hand
And let us dance
Through this life as one
Oh my love!

And hold my hand
Throughout the years
Until our days are done,